Lord of the Rings
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The Lord of the Rings, dice building game!

Contents: 97 custom dices, 32 cards, 20 corruption markers, 1 The One Ring marker, 4 player mats, 1 Sauron Mat, 1 score tracker, 4 player bags, 4 scoring cubes.

Prijs: 45,99 €

Kaartspel "The Hobbit"

Trick-taking spel, the Hobbit Bilbo, de dwarf Thorin, en de wizard Gandalf tegen de draak Smaug en de Goblin King Bolg.


Prijs: 9,95 €uro

Kaartspel "The Hobbit on the doorstep"
Saga expansion

The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game is a cooperative game where players assemble a fellowship and join together to complete exciting quests

Prijs: 29,95 €



Nieuw cardgame: Lord of the Rings,

Bevat: 226 cards: 12 heros, 10 quests, 120 players, 84 counters, 2 threat trackers, 40 damage tokens, 26 progress tokens, 30 resource tokens, 1 first player token.

prijs: 39,99 €uro  

Adventure pack: The Druadan Forest, contains cards 32-55 of the Against the Shadow cycle.
Prijs: 14.99 €



Volgende reeksen: boosters: The Fellowship of the Ring, Mines of Moria, Realms of the Elf-Lords,  Battle of Helm's Deep, Mount Doom, Shadows, Ents of Fangon, Black Rider. Volledige boosterbox met 36 boosters: 50.00 €, Booster: 2.00 €

Starters: uitgebreide keuze, promoprijs: 6.00 €uro!

Draft packs: 3.00 €uro, boosterbox min 10%

Eveneens te koop bij De Papieren Korf: Lord of the Rings Miniatures Game Combat Hex booster: 4.00 €uro


The Two Towers, Lenticular 3D Collectibles

Collect them all: 60 3-D Action Flipz, 3 rare Action Flipz randomly inserted, 24 stickers, one in every pack.

Booster (2 cards + 1 1 sticker): 0.25 €uro, box 10 €uro

Fellowship of the Ring, Lenticular 3D Collectibles

Idem als hierboven

Lord of the Ring puzzel "Gandalf's Mark" : 60 stukken, 0.50 €uro