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D & D boeken
Starterset: bevat 64 pagina tellende avonturenboek met alles wat de Dungeon Master nodig heeft om te starten! 24.99
Player's Handbook 5th Edition 61.99
Monster Manuel 5.0, A menagerie of deadly mosters for tyhe world's greatest Roleplaying game 56.99
The Rise of Tiamat 29.99
Hoard of the Dragon Queen Out of stock!
Master's Guide 59.99
Princess of Apocalyps Out of stock!
Storm King's Thunder 64.99
Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide 49.99
Out of the Abyss 56.99
Tyranny of the Dragons Tiamat Out of stock!
Rage of Demon White Dracolich Out of stock!
Tyranny of Dragons Ancient Brass Dragon Out of stock!
Curse of Strahd 59.99
Volo's guide to Monsters Out of stock!
Volo's guide to Monsters Limited Alternate Art Cover Out of stock!
Tales from the Yawning Portal 54.99
Tomb of Annihilation 51.99
Xanathar's Guide to Everything 54.99
Xanathar's Guide to Everything Alternative Art 54.99
World of Traitors 3.99
Don Bassingthwaite - The Eye of the Chained God 7.99
The Sinister Spire 19.99
Draconomicon metallic dragons 34.95
Dungeons of Dread 39.99
Waterdeep Dragon Heist 54.99


D & D kaarten Spellbook cards
Arcane 257 cards 24.99
Bard 128 cards 15.99
Cleric 149 cards 19.99
Cleric Domains 149 cards Out of stock!
Druid 131 cards 16.99
Martial Powers & Races 61 cards 11.99
Ranger 46 cards 9.99
Paladin 69 cards 11.99
Tarokka deck 54 cards 11.99

D & D Icons of Realms
Starterset 19.99
Tyranny of Dragon Premium Figure 64.99
Set 3 Menagerie booster 19.99
Set 3 Menagerie Triant Case Incentive Out of stock!
Storm Kings Thunder prepainted plastic figures 21,99
Storm Kings Thunder Incentive 51.99
Tomb of Annihilation 20.99
Tomb of Annihilation Incentive Case 64.99
Classic Creatures Box Set 79.99
Premium set 49.99
Mordenkainen Tome of Foes, lim. Ed. 51.99

D & D Collector's Serie Neverwinter
Dracolich 99.99
Heroes of Neverwinter 44.99
Valindra Shadowmantle 27.99


DM Screen Curse of Strahd Out of stock!
DM Screen Elemental Evil 12.99
DM Screen Reincarnated 16.99
DM Screen Storm Kings Thunder 12.99
DM Scrteen Hoard of the Dragon Queen 12.99
DM Screen Rise to the Challenge 19.99


D & D Boardgames
Lord of Waterdeep Out of stock!
Expansie Scoundrels of Skullport Out of stock!
Conquest of Nerath Out of stock!
Temple of Elemental Evil 89.99
Castle of Ravenloft Out of stock!
Tomb of Annhilation 174.99

D & D oudere uitgaven boeken
Level 21-23 Death's Reach 24.99
Level 24-26 Kingdom of the Ghouls Out of stock!
Expedition of the Demonweb pits 34.99
Expedition to the Ruins of Grevhauk Out of stock!
Forgotten Realms: Champion of Bruin Out of stock!
Complete Psionic Out of stock!
Unearthed Arcana Out of stock!
Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdom 19.99
Heroes of the Forgotten Lands 19.99
Assault of the Giants 129.99


D & D Dungeon Command miniatures fraction packs
Blood of Gruumch Out of stock!
Heart of Cromyz Out of stock!
Sting of Lolth out of stock!

Character Folio voor 36 spellcards 10.99
Jumbo Marble bricks in verschillende kleuren 8.99
Tomb of Annihilation Dice set 21.99
Character Sheets 19.99
Patfinder Map pack, Army Camp 14.99


D & D ATTACK WING Miniatures game Starter Set
Bevat 1 full rulebook, 1 quick start rules booklet, 3 painted plastic dragons, 3 transperant plastic bases with Pegs, 3 creature tokens, 13 maneuver templates, 6 hero clix maneuver dials, 9 action tokens, 6 altitude tokens, 13 effect tokens, 20 Duration tokens, 1 permanent Duration token, 6 armor tokens, 3 critical hit tokens, .....

Prijs: 49.99 €
D & D Attack Wing Frost Giant, expansion pack

Game contents: 11 cards, 21 tokens, 1 maneuver dial, 1 painted plastic creature with base and adaptor.

Prijs: 25,49 €
D & D Attack Wing, wave 1

Green Dragon
Inhoud: 10 cards, 24 tokens, 2 maneuver dials, 1 painted plastic creature with base and pegs.

Prijs: 24,99 €
Attack Wing, Wave 1

Hobgoblin Troop expansion pack
Inhoud: 12 cards, 35 tokens, 2 maneuver dials, 6 painted plastic creatures with bases and adaptors.

Sun Elf Troop expansion pack
Inhoud: 13 cards, 28 tokens, 2 maneuver dials, 6 painted plastic creatures with bases and adaptors.

Prijs per set: 24,99 €
Attack Wing Wave 1

Ballista expansion pack; inhoud: 10 cards, 25 tokens, 1 maneuver dial, 1 painted plastic creature with base and pegs, prijs: 14,95 €

Sun Elf Wizard; inhoud: 12 cards, 39 tokens, 2 maneuver dials, 1 painted plastic creature with base and adaptor, prijs: 14,99 €

Wraith expansion pack; inhoud: 11 cards, 32 tokens, 2 maneuver dials, 2 painted plastic creatures with bases and pegs. Prijs: 21,49 €

Prijs per expansie: