Battlestar Galactica
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The BATTLESTAR GALACTICA collectible card game brings the tension and excitement of the hit American television serie to your table top, where the fate of humanity is in your hands! Unlike other card games, the Battlestar Galactica CCG has no "dead cards" in hand (any card can act as a resource to bring out other cards)! The game is easy to learn and plays fast! All of your favorite Battlestar Galactica characters are aboard including Adama, Apollo, Starbuck, Dr. Baltar, Number Six, and more!

There are 175 cards to collect in the first release, featuring scenes, character, and ships from the Minseries, Season 1 & season 2!

Starter contents: 10 exclusive fixed cards including 5 exclusive foil cards, 52 non-exclusive fixed cards, quick start rules and rule book. Price: 5.00 €uro

Booster contents: 15 cards: 10 commons, 4 uncommons and 1 rare. Price: 1.00 €uro


Uitbreidingsreeks BETRAYAL

Deze uitbreidingsreeks bevat 165 kaarten, 15 kaarten per booster (11 commons, 3 uncommons en 1 rare). 1 op 500 boosters bevat een inruilkaart voor een gelimiteerde gesigneerde kaart.

Prijs: 1.00 €uro